Q. What is Builder Brokers?

Builder Brokers are an independent brokerage working on behalf of, and for the client – not the builder. We’re completely consumer focused and work to get you the best possible outcome, much like a mortgage, or insurance broker would in their respective fields.

Q. How do I know which builder I can trust?

With our combined 100 + years industry experience, and Australia’s largest, leading and most trusted builders – we take the hard work out of matching your build with the right builder to suit your budget and requirements. Trusted data and our industry insights ensure that we’re only introducing you to leading and trusted builders because we’re extremely selective with our builder selection for our clients.

Q. Who helps when it all goes wrong?

Nothing is perfect and building can sometimes be the most difficult project you’ll undertake, weather delays and unforeseen circumstances cannot be avoided however our experience steps you through the process step by step ensuring that all boxes are ticked, the contract clauses are fair and reasonable, the builder has met the brief with their offer and that you’ve carefully researched and interviewed your selected builder prior to going to contract, this in itself will negate almost all possible issues that may arise. Communication is the key, slowing it down and taking the time to get it right will see you achieve your desired outcome and the most successful and enjoyable experience possible. But in the extreme off chance an issue arises that cannot be agreed or worked through with your builder and yourself directly, we’ll step in and ask the hard questions, push back where required and resolve the matter in a timely, respectful, diplomatic manner for you, as our builders value working with us and our select clients and are open to learning from their mistakes.

Q. How many builders do you have?

At present we have over 300 here in Queensland, some state and some national big brand builders, all the way through to humble independent local builders. We also service NSW Central Coast, Sydney Metro and suburbs, Melbourne and Adelaide. Builder Brokers has the the view to working with 1000 – 2000 nationally.

Q. Where does Builder Brokers operate?

We’re a national firm, put us to the test and see if you’re remote or what you perceive to be unfeasible build, we challenge and request that you send it through to us.

Q. Will a Builder Brokers representative meet with me at my home or at lunch time near my work:

Yes, we understand that everyone is time poor and we’ve based the business around being flexible to suit you. We prefer that all parties are present and that you allow an hour to spend with us so that we completely understand you, and your requirements so that we get it right for you first time.


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